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Are You Too Snoring Like A Running Train?

Sleeping Position and Sleep Factors

Snoring is widely considered a sleep disorder; both for the trouble that it (potentially) causes the snorer, and the trouble that (almost always!) causes those around the snorer. Therefore, an effective target in the battle against snoring is sleep itself.

There are two areas that can be focused upon to potentially help prevent (or lessen) snoring: sleep position, and sleep factors.

Sleep Position

Many snorers have found surprising relief from simply putting something under their chin as they sleep; either their hand, or a pillow, or even a rolled up sock. This can help firm up the neck muscles; or at least, give the impression that this is happening. The bottom line is that since there is less loose skin (and thus tissue) that can vibrate against air in the trachea, there is less snoring.

Putting a pillow beneath the small of the back, and thus propping up the abdomen, is both extremely comfortable, and also an effective remedy for some snorers. This position helps open up the airway, and expand the lungs.

For those snorers who snore predominantly through their mouth, it might be helpful to learn that sleeping on one's side helps keep the mouth closed. However, many snorers actually snore out of both their mouth and nose, and this may not solve the problem. It may, however, lessen it somewhat; which, at least in the big picture, is a positive step!

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