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Tips for Better Sleeping Every Night

This article is a summary of some of the sleep aid remedies that are described in greater detail and with recipes and instructions at Balance and perspective: At certain times, insomnia may result from stress. Some stress is an inevitable part of life, but when you need to achieve a state of inner calm, a range of meditation and visualization techniques can help you work through your insecurities, worries and anxieties. With practice, stress can be diminished so that it is no longer a cause of sleepless nights. If you struggle to go to sleep every night of your life, you probably have more than a simple sleep disorder issue to deal with. It is important to have your life in balance, your health and wellness optimised, and to make sure you have a clear head and calm mind ready for sleep before you go to bed. Some of our self help sleep aid blog entries are designed to just get you to chuckle a little in your day. Laughter is the great healer, and sometimes humour is the best way to get someone to actually consider the message that is making you laugh! So if your life is a bit out of whack, and you tend to stress more than you like in your life, have a look at our sleep aid self help blog, for resources and self help tips to get your life and overall wellbeing back in balance. If you are worried or stressed - you simply will not sleep restfully! Our sleep aid tips self help Blog page has an abundance of helpful articles to assist you in getting balance in your life and developing your overall life skills.

Instant fixes: If all else fails and you are still awake in the dead of night, try some or all, of these quick insomnia cures: • Lie on your back with your knees propped up on a small pillow • Sleep with your head pointing in the direction North • Get up the same time every morning and go to bed at the same time every night for a week • Visualize yourself in a peaceful place, such as a field full of wildflowers with a gentle breeze blowing, or near a gently flowing stream where you can see fish swimming past you. • Visualize a boring scenario, such as a lecture you have no interest in • Read out loud the names and numbers from the phone book • Reserve your bedroom and the bed as a place for sleep only • Wiggle your toes gently until you fall asleep • Rub your stomach lightly • Cut up a mild onion, place in a jar by the bed and sniff before retiring. • Think of ten wonderful things that have happened to you today • Squeeze all your muscles together tightly for a few minutes and then relax. • Threaten yourself that "If I am not asleep within the next 10 minutes, I will get up and…" clean the oven, or clean the fridge….whatever you really hate doing… When your brain knows you really mean it - this will scare you to sleep to avoid a nasty chore!

We also have two free ebooks for you to download today. One for an overview of your sleep Cycles in your average lifetime... from newborn to mature age... and the other is a book on interpreting your dreams (for your entertainment) The site also has an extensive section on Sleep Disorders and some recommended sleep remedies for them.

Helene Malmsio has created to assist you in getting a good nights sleep with natural sleep aid tips.

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