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Bustier Corset

An elastic corset lingerie that's a fusion of a brassiere and corset/girdle, the corset bustier lifts and flattens the stomach, just like other normal corsets. Considered as women's undergarment, the corset bustier is usually worn on the upper torso, extending from the chest to the hips, though some variations only reach until the middle of the ribs, like a sports bra. The difference between a corset bustier and a corset is the boning. A corset bustier has light boning so it is not as stiff and rigid as an ordinary corset, so it can give only a lighter support to the body.

However, it can also give the body a good shape. The bustier can also be worn as a half-slip under diaphanous upper garments if a bold display of the midriff is not desired. In modern days, women wear a bustier as an undergarment/push up bra in the occasion that their office clothes, bridal wear or evening gowns, especially if their outer-wear has a low-back. Non-machine washable, this piece of underwear should only be cleaned with cold water, for the hot water could ruin the boning and wear out the elastic materials.

The lace-fabric, garter-strapped corset bustier doubles up as a push-up underwire bra for inner wear and as a camisole for outer wear, with panties usually included. Depending on your preference, you can wear it with or without straps or stockings. The epitome of sexy fashion apparel, the corset bustier is a multi-purpose garment that makes a woman's figure curvier, sexier, alluring and desirable by emphasizing all the positives while hiding the negatives.

Learn how you can lift your breasts and flatten your the tummy by using Corset Bustier !

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