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How To Use A Neti Pot

Using a neti pot to practice nasal irrigation is a very simple procedure. The key things to know is how to mix the saline solution and how to properly position the head so as to allow for proper drainage of the nostrils.

One should begin the procedure by mixing the saline solution. Most neti pots will require you to use about one-quarter teaspoon of un-iodized salt. Slowly add warm water and stir the saline mix until the pot is full.

This is a general amount to use for most netipots.

It is important to remember that too little as well as too much salt will cause discomfort in the form of stinging.

The amount of salt used can be adjusted to suit the users preference. One should be aware that commercially prepared solutions are available and will already be mixed to closely match the bodys normal saline content. Beginners may opt to use the prepackaged packets until they have used the neti pot enough to feel comfortable with mixing their own solutions.

Once the preferred mixture is made the user should prep the immediate area by getting some tissues handy and also keep a hand towel ready to help dry the face.

The user should then position themselves immediately in front of a sink and bend forward so as to keep the face above the sink bowl.

Begin the nasal flushing procedure by placing the spout of the nasal pot firmly against one nostril and turn the head slightly in the direct of the pot. The spout should be fitted against the nostril firmly so as to allow for a water tight seal to form.

In this example, we will begin with the right nostril. This means that the user will have the spout placed against the right nostril and be turned to the right so that the right nostril will be higher than the left nostril.

Slowly begin tipping the pot so as to allow the warm water to flow into the right nostril.

You will feel the water travel through the sinuses and begin to flow from the opposite nostril. Keeping the face down close to the sink will help prevent splashing as the water exits.

Continue tipping the pot and position the head to allow for a steady flow from one side to the other. The entire volume of water should be poured through the nose from this side.

The entire procedure will be repeated to flush the sinuses from the other nostril. Once both sides of the nose has been flushed, then the user should gently blow each nostril into a tissue to expel the excess water.

The key to mastering the procedure is in learning to tip the pot and adjust the tilt of the head. One will soon learn how to keep an effective seal against the nostril and keep a steady flow.

The concept of pouring water through the nose may seem foreign. Rest assured that the neti pot makes it possible to do so without causing any major discomfort.

The user can breathe normally and, as long as the user does not swallow, the saline water will not enter the mouth. For most users there is no smothering sensation and in fact the warm water can be very soothing as it passes through the nose.

One can use the neti pot up to four times daily and should make the practice a part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

Remember that learning how to use a neti pot is very simple and most people will master the technique with just a few attempts.


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