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How Useful Is EEG Biofeedback Therapy

During the last forty years or so, many thousands of people have been able to receive enormous benefits from using EEG biofeedback therapy. This holistic healthcare approach is also commonly referred to as neurotherapy and has been used in the treatment of various physical, emotional and mental conditions.

It has been known to effectively reduce the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, as well as chronic pain conditions. Many call biofeedback treatment a true godsend because of its effectiveness with their issues.

EEG biofeedback therapy is understood to support the improved formation of the essential communication pathways in the brain.

Neurofeedback therapy has also repeatedly demonstrated that it can help patients to more effectively live with a variety of emotional problems and conditions, as well as addressing many physical ailments. Best of all, it is able to provide this relief to people without pain, without invasive procedures, and without the need to take costly and possibly harmful pharmaceuticals.

The treatment that is known as EEG biofeedback is actually one specific type of the more general treatment modality known as biofeedback. Biofeedback therapies, in general, have been around for about 40 years and have primarily been used to assist in relaxation and for conditions related to stress and to muscle impairments.

All of the forms of biofeedback provide feed back information to the subject, in terms of the small, internal changes in their biological processes.

EEG biofeedback is currently being practiced on a daily basis in a wide array of psychological and medical practices around the world.

The demand for biofeedback treatment is undergoing rapid growth, and there is also an increasingly greater scope of issues it is being used to address. While there still are many skeptics of neurotherapy, the fact is that the demand is increasing. It is highly unlikely the demand would be so high if there were no real and measurable benefits.

EEG biofeedback is an effective way to train the brain to be more efficient in its patterns and control of physiological functions. Neurofeedback therapy has also shown people the power of the mind-body connection and helps them to gain a greater sense of mastery of their bodies through the initial awareness and through the practice that comes with the ongoing neurofeedback training sessions.

EEG biofeedback is considered to be a very promising and complementary intervention that can improve the results of more mainstream types of treatment, and in many cases, can even help people to eliminate the need to take medications. A good biofeedback program can also be used to teach those who are affected by ADD/ADHD to control their brainwaves and bring them into a balanced normal range, which helps them overcome the challenges of ADD and ADHD.

The functional mechanism that is at the heart of EEG biofeedback provides relief to those with ADD/ADHD by separating specific brainwave patterns and altering them. In general, biofeedback therapists are very positive about the changes they see in their patients and the effectiveness of this modality for retraining brain activity and for reducing symptoms, especially in relieving chronic pain.


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