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One of the most important keys to having a clear mind and operating your business effectively is this: don't neglect your body. More specifically, what you should try to do as often as possible is go for a run. I know, I know. You've never liked running.

You're reminded of those cold, miserable p.e. lessons at school when it always seemed to be raining and you got a stitch and you just wanted to go home and everyone seemed to be faster than you. But that was then, this is now! I never used to like running, either. I love running now, and that's not just because I'm worried about not training enough and collapsing ten minutes after the start of my next marathon. Aside from the health benefits, it's the only time during the day when I'm completely free to think about what I want.

During the day, there are too many distractions. Email coming in. Spam to grumble over and delete.

Telephone calls from advertising salespeople. Cups of tea to make. Chocolate to eat. There's never a chance to step back and look at things from a distance. Running gives you that. I don't know what the actual physiological effect on the brain of all that bobbing up and down is, but it's almost as if the stuff you carry around in your head gets bounced together and solutions come to you as if by magic.

I'm sometimes a bit dense, so it took time for me to realise this, but when I stopped to think about it recently I had to admit to myself that almost without exception, the best and most effective ideas I've had for how to run my business (and not just business; ideas for how to run my life) have come while I've been running. When you're stuck in the office staring at the mouse cursor blinking accusingly back at you, there's just no way you can think of new and creative answers. You need to get some fresh air. When I did the London Marathon two years ago, although I enjoyed training with running partners in the months before the race, I always had to run at the same pace as them and had to, well, make conversation! You're running with friends, so you can't just clam up for two hours, right? I didn't have any time to switch off. I run alone now and it's a lot better, much though I may occasionally miss the company. I can go at my own pace, don't have to concentrate too much on the outside world other than avoiding being run over, and while the legs are taking care of themselves I can drift away and think about things.

I find that being able to run at my own pace is very important. That's also why I don't listen to music any more when I'm hitting the streets. Why? Because when you run to music you're forced to listen to the songs and subconsciously trapped into adjusting your pace to the beat of what you're listening to.

I always find myself going slightly mad when I can't quite run quickly enough for the song I'm listening to. So no more music. Besides, it's dangerous to not be able to hear what's going on around you. So what do you think? Will you give it a try? Running's cheap, you know. No need to pay out for gym classes, personal trainers or exercise equipment.

Just get yourself a comfortable pair of running shoes from a reputable shop and you're set. You're too old, you say? Too overweight? Not enough time in the day? Believe me, it's never too late. Slow is absolutely fine, because the only one you're racing against is yourself. And you'll never find time to do new things; you have to make the time.

A tip before and after your run (very important): S-T-R-E-T-C-H your legs. It'll significantly lower the risk of injury. Try to lean over and touch your toes while keeping your legs straight. You might not be able to do it at first, but you'll get there. Oh, and one final thing.

I'm not a qualified health professional -- can't you tell? -- so saying this probably isn't a good thing, but one big and often unstated benefit of running for sweetaholics like me is this: it burns off the calories like you wouldn't believe. You can then, if you so choose, replace those missing calories with chocolate. cake.

whatever you like! So what are you waiting for?.

Daniel O`Connor is a leading freelance business writer based in the UK. See his satisfaction-guaranteed site at He`s worked for some of the biggest companies in the world -- including NTT and Mitsubishi Electric, not to mention the 1998 Olympic Winter Games -- as well as some of the smallest. And he can do a job for you, too. With a language-based background -- he`s fluent in Japanese and French -- Daniel is supremely qualified at explaining complicated things in a simple way. There`s nothing you can throw at him that he won`t have dealt with before. Because it`s all about one thing: the words. The right words for you and your business. Blog articles. SEO for websites. Direct marketing. White papers. Flyer advertising. You want words? Daniel O`Connor has words. Want to try out his writing before getting in touch? Check out his daily business blog at Read this article in its original context at:

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