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“ Wouldn’t it be lovely to go away for a holiday this yearhusband Peter. He murmured something and continued reading the paper. “Well, what about a weekend then?” she insisted. “Hmmmmm.” This was the only reply she would obtain from him last week. “ OK,” she thought, “I’ll reserve it and then he will accept to go although quite why I want to go is beyond me!” Her husband has been turning steadily more and more complaining as he got older.

She discovered from her mates that this fact was natural but she couldn’t help sorrowing the loss of her pleasure, expressive and sexy husband of yesteryear. Her plan of vacation had been to recreate a sexy story in their lives. She would reach that task if there was nothing to read or to watch then he would at least have to speak to her. He moaned to himself when she told him that she had reserved a long weekend in Paris but he didn’t decline the proposal so she believed Really he had been should have organized a romantic weekend but as a typical boy, hadn’t known how to discuss with her the subject, he felt they were in a rut – she went off to do gym and he played golf with his friends but they did little together. Typical retirement, really.

She would have been surprised if she knew how he thought of her nice hair and the the nice moments they had had when they were adolescents. The spontaneity of it all! He felt upset that sexual activity felt like such an obligation now, like hard work. So much so that they had let it disappear and they forgot how to touch each other or share a romantic moment. He saw what she was planning and determined to make this break the start of their new destiny together.

But how? as he read so many commentaries he was well versed in the properties of generic Viagra and knew where to obtain generic Cialis, so a search on the back pages of the newspaper gave him some trusted pharmacies to purchase little blue lozenges. He bought some generic Viagra and kept them away until the holiday. Mary did not suspect of his plans and had done a little research of her own. Hidden away in her little toiletries bag was a small package of pastilles designed to help a man to sustain an erection. After a tremendous day enjoying Paris and a tasty meal, they came back their accommodation and once inside, Mary coughed nervously and then held out a lozenge to her boyfriend, “I hope you don’t mind, but I though this medication, might aid you to modify your thought on these holidays,” she described. As he saw her she saw that he had a glass of water in one hand and a little blue tablet in the other.

Man and woman did a double take and began to laugh. “It seems we still love each other,” he chuckled. “Thanks goodness!” she shouted and hugged him. He caressed her passionately and they fell onto the large soft bed, like a pair of young lovers in love.

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