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Treadmill Warranty What It Tells You About Exercise Equipment

When shopping for a treadmill there are many things you should keep in mind. Most people know that a treadmill's motor, weight limit, stability and special features are key factors in knowing whether a treadmill is good quality. However, did you know that a treadmill warranty is often the easiest way to tell whether a machine is worth purchasing? All treadmill warranties are not the same - and for good reason. All treadmills are not the same. A manufacturer is not going to put a long-term warranty on a product it feels is inferior or that won't stand up to the test of time.

If you are looking at a treadmill that comes with a short warranty like 90 days or one year, the manufacturer generally assumes the treadmill will need repairs after this time. That is why the warranty is not for a longer period of time. Why invest your money in a product that the manufacturer isn't comfortable insuring for the long haul? When shopping for treadmills, overlook the ones that have short warranties.

Begin your shopping experience with machines that come with a minimum 3 or 5 year warranty on both the parts and motor. If you want a machine with an even longer warranty period, they can be found. For instance, there are some companies that offer lifetime warranties on their motors and treadmill frames. Granted, the initial cost of treadmills with lifetime warranties will cost more, but why shouldn't they be? They are meant to last a lifetime! Another thing that you should keep in mind when comparing treadmill warranties is what exactly the warranty covers. Yes, part replacement is a necessary part of a good warranty, but are you required to replace the parts yourself? Would you know how? Look for treadmill warranties that not only have part replacement, but in-home servicing as well. In-home servicing means someone who is educated on servicing treadmills will come out to your home and actually replace the part on your treadmill for you.

Before you purchase a treadmill make sure you understand what its warranty does and doesn't cover - and know how long the coverage is good for. Be sure to read the small print and look for any hidden costs or loopholes in the coverage. If you want to feel that you are investing your money wisely in a treadmill that will give you the best workout and peace of mind long term, simply look at the treadmill warranty.

It is one of the best indicators whether the exercise equipment will break down and bring you and your workout program to a grinding halt, or if it will meet your needs long term.

Be sure to read the complete buying guide to locating the best rated treadmills online here. You'll learn the other things to look for besides the treadmill warranty when buying a treadmill.

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